galilee touring suggestions

The towns and villages of the Galilee offer a wide range of services and attractions, ranging from Safed, the spiritual centre of the Galilee, through the historic villages of Rosh Pina and Yesud Hamaala to the recently established town of Katzrin on the Golan.

The Canada Centre offers a variety of sports including swimming pools, ice rinks and tenpin bowling – there’s nowhere else quite like it in the country.
Walk: The Nahal Ayun nature reserve offers a pleasant easy stroll throughout the year with the added attractions of the Tanur waterfall in winter and spring. If you have two cars, leave one in the car park at the lower (southern) end of the walk and start walking from Metulla. If you have only one vehicle, begin and end your walk from the lower car park. The trail is clearly marked and is described in the leaflet which you will receive at the entrance to the reserve.

This magazine contains detailed updated information which will be invaluable to you when planning your trip amongst the Galilee’s many attractions and includes 28 touring suggestions as well as useful contact information such as telephone numbers, websites and e-mail addresses of the various advertisers.

After the great success of the previous season, Michal Publications is pleased to announce a new issue of the GALILEE GUIDE 2013, a new magazine and website aimed exclusively at English speaking visitors to the North, tourists and local residents alike.